MX250 - Maximum Z1/Z3 connections

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MX250 - Maximum Z1/Z3 connections



due to the fun of the current virus spreading out company is looking to purchase a large amount of Z3 devices to hang off the back of our MX250 with 2x1GB lines


is there any limit I should configure apart from the 1GB vpn throughput?


will I reach any limit of the site-site connections?


we are looking to purchase anywhere between 100-800 devices - mainly going to be a small amount of application and voice traffic





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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Meraki sheet


Keep in mind the tunnel count and recommended tunnels. A good guide here:

Kind of a big deal

Indeed, what @ww said. In the case of the MX250 the maximum number of tunnels is 3000, so you should be fine with 800 Z1/3's.


Edit: @ww correctly pointed out to me that the maximum recommended number of tunnels for the MX250 is 1000. If your MX is using dual uplinks that means you'll need 2 tunnels per Z1/3. So 800 would result in 1600 tunnels. I still think you will be fine with the 800 as you'll still be under 3000 tunnels which is the max number of tunnels.

thanks all for the replies


looks like we are going to move forwards


thank you

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