MX100 and 4G USB dongle

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MX100 and 4G USB dongle


Is it possible to restart the USB port to reset the USB dongle?

With current restrictions I am unable to physically access the device to unplug it and re-plug it.  The dashboard reports that cellular is ready but test is unable to return any packets.


I can't just restart the unit since it is the primary connection for 4 site-to-site VPN links.


Thank you

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal



How about rebooting the MX in the middle of the night?

Unfortunately, we are one of those fun 24x7 businesses, and because across different time-zones, means there just isn't a window to do that in.

Do you have a warm spare you could fail over to?

That's one of those "in the plan" things...

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