MX100 VPN Client no gateway assigned

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MX100 VPN Client no gateway assigned

Hi maybe someone can help me with this. I'm new to Meraki systems...

I have a MX100 sitting behing a L3 Cisco 3750 core switch. Everything is working fine so far but i'm starting to test vpn connections for our users on the road. I connected our AD for authentification and that part is working. I'm able to connect to vpn with my AD account. I'm getting an ip address in the range that I sent for VPN users but I don't get a gateway address. If I do a ipconfig /all I get has default gateway so I cannot ping anything on internet network. 

Anybody can help me with this?

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So can you connect to the VPN network but not browse the internet at the same time?

Yes I can browse internet on computer that is connected to VPN but I can't ping or go on my office network since I'm not getting any gateway address.



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I'm not sure if the gateway is the issue, since on our VPN we don't get a gateway yet it still works...


Are you able to ping an IP on the same range as your VPN range?

Ok thanks I think you led me to something. Maybe I'm missing a route for this subnet on my core switch.

Let me check. Thanks for your help

Kind of a big deal

Make sure that the MX has a route to the network you're trying to access. And make sure that upstream devices have routes back to your VPN subnet. 


Not seeing a gateway is normal for client VPN. 


Finally it was a route missing in my core switch! Thanks for the help guys

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I have the same issue, Can explain to me how you resolved?



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