MX using Skyus DS

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MX using Skyus DS

We are in need of a solution for our ISP occasionally going down.  I see there is a cellular solution with a Skyus device on the Meraki list of supported USB modems.  Anyone know is this is a current list and that it works?  I was thinking about using T-Mobile since we're in an ATT dead spot and Verizon is priced through the roof for our once a month needs.


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The safest bet is to use a 3G hotspot which has Ethernet ports in it, and plug in the MX via one of those Ethernet ports.

Yes, this is a common use case in fairly widespread use.  Some customers use the method @PhilipDAth mentioned, and many customers leverage the 3G/4G cellular modems plugged right into the USB port on the MX.  I have a Verizon UML295 myself and use it quite often on my Z1 and MX65.  Here's the support doc here, I think it's fairly up to date, but it's best to open a ticket with Meraki Support to be certain, who can in turn check with Engineering to confirm.


Thanks to you both!


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Something to keep in mind is the way failover functions with the USB port.  We have used this in the past and found that the ISP link will be up but not passing traffic and this would prevent the MX from failing over to the USB or cause flapping.  We have had very good success with the SA2100 instead of the DS as the SA2100 has an Ethernet port which let's the failover/load balancing work the way most people would expect.  Just my two cents.

thanks.  i ordered and took delivery of the DS and am in the process of getting the appropriate SIM card.  We'll see!



We're up an running.  Testing to come.  

Does anyone know if there is a way to track the  data transfer that goes through the cell network?  Every night i get a summary report that includes usage, but I'd be interested in a breakout between the usual ISP and the backup Cell?

They have a monitoring package called "Crossroads" that will let you see the data usage, set limits, configure alarms.... All kinds of fun stuff.

@Darmel, I have placed a Make a wish request with Meraki for connection metering of WAN1, WAN2 and USB... I would suggest you as well, the more noise we make the more likely we'll see something implemented.  Give a call if you have any trouble 877-698-6481 with your SkyusDS.




@ShawnP, Crossroads requires an agent to report back the server, the SkyusDS does not support this function.  The SkyusDS2 (as of this writing not fully integrated with the MX line)  will have Crossroads reporting function builtin, the SA2100 has Crossroads reporting function builtin. 

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I have deployed 9 Skyus DS  last year and will put out 10 more. It works great and very easy to set up.

One thing that bothers me is that my Solarwinds monitoring tool cannot not pull its availability info. Skyus DS will not respond to ping if it is not active.

Where do you typically get your Skyus devices from?

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I used buy Skyus DS from their internal sales guy. Now I found a company, "source|inc" 


source, Incorporated of Missouri

6840 Silverheel St.

Shawnee, KS 66226


I got $10 cheaper then the Inseego sales guy.

thanks..   i had to lost the hope of a cellular backup to the cable provider.  The cell service is more spotty than the cable



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