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I cant see any mention of this in the in the documentation pages....Is it possible to use a MX just to act like a normal router connecting to a MPLS PE? So in this scenario there would be no Auto VPN requirement, it would need to advertise its LAN routes into BGP only to the PE.....Cloud connectivity would be done centrally


The other thing is....say we we we have a central hub MX with reachability to the internet, and also to a MPLS network. We have a spoke on each transport only. Is that a design Meraki has no problem with? The S2S traffic has to traverse the hub obviously, but is this something Meraki has no issue with as long as the underlay reachability is there?



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Second question is fine, we do this.


MX at site has WAN connected to MPLS and LAN to site network.

MPLS connected to L3 switch at hub, MX has WAN connected in concentrator mode to L3 switch, no LAN connection.

Existing internet firewall retained or replaced by second MX at hub.

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