MX not receiving OSPF routes


MX not receiving OSPF routes

I have an MX84 with an Enterprise license running OSPF with an uptream router. The MX sends OSPF routes to the upstream router fine. Does anyone know if the MX will receive OSPF routes from my upstream router?


The upstream router is sending type 5 LSAs to the MX, but I dont see anything in the MX routing table.


Is this a supported topology?

Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Will the MX appliance advertise the VPN subnets via OSPF out of the LAN interfaces?

I already configure like that but no any route in the route table from Cisco router.

Is it MX limitation?


Thank you very much.



Do you know if this is this the same with OSPF on the switches?


I hope Meraki change this soon -  the entire point in a dynamic routing protocol is to exchange large route tables -  it's frustrating that this has been implemented 1 way like this. 



Amen. These little caveats are left out from the Sales Reps when advertising the Meraki projects. Along with not being able to change native vlan 1 when trying to implement the MX in routing mode.

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