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MX in China

HI Team,  I have 3 sites in my and 1 is in China.  It has been working for years with issues.  Performance can be extremely bad.  If I change my China MX IP, it works great for a few months and then bad to bad performance.  Now I see my China MX should be setup on  To do this, I have to unclaim all devices from the china site on the .com dashboard and then claim them to the .cn dashbaord.  Then I have to setup a site2site vpn using non-meraki mode.

Do other people use a similar setup...?  If so, does this sound correct...?


I also heard I must setup a MPLS network from China to outside of China and create the Site2Site VPN from there...?  Is this really required...?


Thanks Tom...

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

That is correct in regards to registration of devices. The Organization is going to be hosted in a Meraki cloud local to that region. Any sites that are located in China need to be in a China specific Organization so that they register to the China cloud, which complies with their local laws. 


Below are some articles regarding accommodations for deployments in Mainland China, as well as a guide to AutoVPN within that region.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Note that unclaiming and re-claiming the device in a different organisation does not move its licence.  You can open up a case with support to help move the licence (you need to be an admin of both organisations).


Also note you'll need a static IP in on all the MX's concerned running the site to site VPN to make it work.

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