MX Splash Page Authentication

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MX Splash Page Authentication

It would be nice if the MX splash page would work in a similar method as the MR. We have small branch offices without servers in their environment  and have a need that they have a splash page with a login. Without a server radius is not really an option It would be nice to be able to use meraki. In some cases I can see where AD authentication without overhead of Radius would also be nice to have. Is there a feature request location that users can request things? 

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If I understand you right "Make a wish" is what you are looking for?

This is available at the "Bottom Right Corner" of each page on the Dashboard.

One can login to Meraki Dashboard and post a request for any new feature he/she is looking to be developed.


Kudos for the Make a Wish. I still think we need more Authentication methods on a mx. 

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