MX Layer 7 Rules - Max Entry Count?

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MX Layer 7 Rules - Max Entry Count?



As my management is preventing me from being able to block several high risk countries from having brute force attacks on my network, I'm using Layer 7 rules to block IP addresses after the fact.  Yes, super inefficient, but that isn't the point of this inquiry.  My concern is that I thought I read that there is a limit to how many Layer 7 rules can be entered, but I'm not finding anything.  Is there a limit?


Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


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Kind of a big deal

Never heard about any maximum so I can't say anything about that. But from a GUI perspective I guess at some point it will become impractical and may take a long time to load.

Kind of a big deal

Don't have any docs I could find to indicate the limit.


Don't ask me how I verified this, but 500 L7 Deny Rules works! 

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