MX Flow Preferences - Confirmation of functionality

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MX Flow Preferences - Confirmation of functionality



Perhaps a somewhat silly question but wanted to get some form of clarification on how Flow Preferences would work in a somewhat different format than give in the official doco. For reference doco says:


My question, is that if we have an internet link on WAN 1 and a MPLS link on WAN 2 (which goes elsewhere and but has ability to get to internet still, can't explain here) and the WAN 2 link is defined as the Primary uplink, but Flow Preferences set to use WAN 1 for internet services, if WAN 1 does go down, all traffic will then go out WAN 2 without any intervention required?

Thank in advance, realise a perhaps convoluted query.


Kind regards

Bob Krautner


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Yes, it's correct. You don't need perform any intervention.

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