MX 67 Ethernet light not working when connected with LAN for

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MX 67 Ethernet light not working when connected with LAN for

Hello All, 

I have purchased a new meraki MX 67 and I have a static IP from the ISP so now when I want to add the static IP, 
I am connecting my LAN port of MX67 to laptop and proving IP and GW 
While doing DHCP I am getting APIPA IP from MX67. 
The ethernet port lights are not also blinking and the LED status is solid orange. 
What should I do, I tried factory reset but still nothing happend.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The orange LED status for the MX is expected - no connectivity to the Meraki Cloud.

Are you seeing any link lights come up at all? Can you try connecting a different computer or a different port?

Does the MX show in the dashboard as having never successfully connected?


By default, the MX should be running a DHCP server and issue your client an IP if connected on the LAN port. You can then connect to the local status page to complete the WAN IP configuration.


No I can't see any LAN port light to be on, In my laptop the ethernet port light is blinking but in MX-67 no LAN port light is blinking also when I factory reset it is not resetting. 

And in the dashboard it shows never successfully connected.

In my laptop when I connect MX67 via LAN port I am getting an APIPA IP.

>No I can't see any LAN port light to be on


That is a problem.  What about if you try a different LAN port (there are four LAN ports on that model)?


I assume when you plug your notebook into something else with Ethernet the link lights come on?


I have tried on all of the 4 LAN ports of my MX67, none of the LAN ports LED are turning ON. 
Yes, my laptops ethernet LED light is blinking suggesting that either MX67 is stuck in booting process or the ports are faulty. 

As it is constant Orange LED since I powered on my MX67. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

  • MX - (varies)
    Most MX models have a dedicated management port used to access the local status page. In addition, the local status page is accessible at the MX's LAN IP address for all models. 
    By default, MX devices run DHCP. Once the client is connected to a LAN interface of the MX, find the client's IP address and default gateway, then open the default gateway address in a web browser.

Note: If the MX security appliance is in passthrough mode and its uplink is on a subnet that overlaps with a remote subnet over VPN, either the MX will need to be temporarily removed from VPN to be accessed locally or the local status page can only be accessed via VPN.


The LED lights of my MX67 LAN ports are not on when connecting it to my laptop, the ethernet port LED is blinking on my laptop but I am not getting IP from MX67 LAN DHCP, I am receiving APIPA IP address in my laptop due to which I can't connect to 



It's probably a hardware issue, I suggest you open a support case.

Getting noticed

Sounds like a hardware issue with the MX67. Do you have another laptop and cable you can test? And are you sure the MX67 has a good power source? 

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