MX 64W 2nd WAN connected via LAN to other Cisco router

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MX 64W 2nd WAN connected via LAN to other Cisco router

Hi I know questions about a 2nd WAN have been asked but this is a bit different.


I have just setup a MX64 and MS120 -8 and 2x MR33  AP and added to our current network. 


So before this setup I had a Cisco Router with 2 x add-on cards 1 x 4 Port Nic and a 3/4 G mobile Cell interface. Now that device was just basic router so when it would fail over to cell I would need to updated all the router forwarding rules to use the Cell interface. 


Now that is part of the reason I moved the Wifi And Router to Meraki. Now I have setup our HFC cable internet (thats all we can get). to be plugged into WAN port on MX now I want to connect the old Cisco router with the dial in Cell interface card to port 4 on MX as WAN2.  But as that router has cell interface that only connects when needed the IP is not known so I would have to run the Cisco router via LAN to MX so the WAN 2 port on MX will have private IP. Not public as the cell interface is set to DHCP and only get sort lease times.


I hope this is clear and Understandable. 

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I missed to understand the question?

Even though MX WAN2 has a private IP (with Internet Access) there shall not be a challenge in functionality unless you wish to use  Port Forwarding , Site to Site VPN (with Non Meraki), Client VPN etc. kind of configuration.


Failover and Load balancing between both the links shall work perfectly fine.



yes I do use Port Forwarding and I wanted to system to switch over to cisco router as soon as it gets traffic it connects over 3G.



WAN 1 = Public IP


Cisco router g0/1 =

Cisco router c0/0/0 = Pubic IP only when connects.



I want to have g0/1 connect to port 4 on MX and I want to assign WAN 2 to that port.


I do need a way to port forward. 


Now I have looked into using a USB 4G cell  interface that I can connect to MX but I don't think a USB modem would be any good in the Cisco router we have Good Cell Interface card with 2 good External antenna. I don't think the USB port even has much bandwidth.



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Agreed, I shall recommend using the Cisco Router for cell connectivity. This offers us Load Balancing and Traffic Flow Preference feature between the links.


You should use the local status page of the MX and configure one of the LAN ports to be WAN2, and plug the router into that.

thanks guys I will try tonight once staff have left for the day.

This is the setting I was planing on using



MX WAN - DHCP (HFC internet).


MX Port 4 , WAN-2  Static IP gateway which is LAN Interface for Cisco 1900+ router.


Cisco Router LAN IP g0/1 = 


Cell c0/0/0 -DHCP its will get public IP when connected.


And Im will set MX to only switch over the WAN-2 if WAN-1 is down.

Now for Forwarding rules I can set them in the Cisco router so if its on than any forward should work from Cisco without having MX block it.


IF you see any issue with this please let me know otherwise will post back tomorrow of resualt.


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