MX-450 port status green: port disabled in config.

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MX-450 port status green: port disabled in config.


I have an MX-450 WAN-1 connected via 10G SFP to internet reachable segment.  Port 19 connected to LAN segment in specific VLAN and setup as trunk.

All otter ports on the device are set to disable except 19.  The dashboard however display port 20 is up.

I have disable port on 19/20 on the switch where it connect to so both should not be active and not displaying as green I suspect.

Other strange thing that happen is when I activate port 19 the MX seem to have trouble reaching the internet over its WAN port. The device status led go to orange.

And I seem to loos the device on the dashboard, if disable the port again on remote switch end it doesn't seem to solve the problem and I have to reboot the device.

Then it seem to be ok again but I need port 19 ofc to connect to other segment.




Kind of a big deal

Couple of things to check first - make sure your MX firmware is up to date. Double check your network connections and make sure you're not introducing a loop into your network some how. Remember, the MX devices don't run spanning tree (STP) so if you have multiple connections from the same switch (or switch stack) to the MX then you need to ensure that the switch is running STP to prevent loops. Do you have a diagram of how things are connected?


If you're sure there are no loops forming when you enable Port 19, and your firmware is up to date then I'd suggest you open a support ticket as something doesn't seem right.

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