MK65 DSL Cable Connection - UK

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MK65 DSL Cable Connection - UK

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We have an MX65 on trial currently and we are looking to use it to initiate a VPN to our central office (Cisco ASA) via DSL.  In the UK the DSL services are provided via an RJ11 connection but the MX65 only has an RJ45 connection.  Anyone used PPPoE in the UK with a BT DSL/Infinity service WITHOUT having to use the ISP router to provide the PPPoE connection?


We normally use a Cisco 887 router with DSL modem built in and are looking to replace these with Meraki MX units.  However this is a bit of a show stopper.


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I'm interested in this too, however in my situation I'm using an external modem for VDSL2. 

Does anyone know if the MX64 can be configured in bridge mode to use the VDSL2 modem for WAN access ?

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Hi there,


There are 3 scenarios for ADSL/Infinity in the UK:


1. Old school ADSL that uses (as you say) the RJ11 plus and is actually using PPPoA and therefore requires an ADSL modem, the options are to use BT's home/business hub and then connect with ethernet to this, which is what I think you are trying to avoid, the other option is to use a VIGOR 120 (or 130) from Draytec, this is a PPPaA to PPPoE bridge so you can connect this to your phone line and then the MX to the VIGOR and it will do a PPPaE to PPP0A converson therefore acting as a bridge.


2. VDSL / Infinity - FTTC this unfortunately has two versions (to confuse things) it can be a FTTC solution that is still delivered via the phone line and a splitter as above in option 1, but you will need the VIGOR 130, the other version is where BT install a white box called the ONT (which is the same as they use for FTTP) and this has ethernet ports on which you can then connect to your MX and configure for PPPoE


3. If you are fortunate to get Infinity 3/4 which is FTTP then you just plug the MX into the port and configure for PPPoE


Hope this helps

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Hey, We are in the UK. I use a MX64 at one of our sites with a TalkTalk Business VDSL and a WaveNet Busines VDSL with the Meraki in load balancing mode. This gives us 140Mbps down and 40Mbps up at a fraction of the cost of a 100/100 leased line, with better redundancy too as it's separate providers.

Just configure the VDSL Routers from both providers to be in "Modem/Bridge Mode".
Disable any DHCP and NAT on them.
Configure the WAN port(s) on the Meraki local admin page with the PPPoE login details (get these from your ISP).
Reboot everything.

In this setup, the ISP Routers are just acting as modems and spit out their public IP addresses to the Meraki.

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