MX WAN Trunk Port with multiple VLANS

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MX WAN Trunk Port with multiple VLANS

My ISP runs WAN link carrying Internet and Voice Vlans.
Voice vlan should be switched and Internet vlan should be NATed. I havent tried the setup yet, but lets say the wan port on mx is set to tag for internet vlan, and i configured a local vlan for voice traffic. Would voice vlan be switched from WAN port to LAN port?

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You would need to connect the handoff from your ISP into a switch, then, you can switch the voice VLAN and create an access port for the WAN, then connect your MX internet port to that. The MX will allow a VLAN for the WAN interface, but will not pass a second VLAN through it. 

What about connecting ISP link to MX LAN port configured as trunk and then loop it back to WAN port?

Unless you create an interface on the MX, with an IP on that vlan, I don't believe that would work. You would really need a vlan capable switch to split the two vlan's.

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