MG21e disconnecting a lot

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MG21e disconnecting a lot

We are using an MG21e and MX67 in a combined network.


Lan2 port on the MX is configured as a secondary WAN (Standby) and goes to a POE injector first before going into port 1 of the MG.


Over the last 3 months we've had the MG go offline 14 times and counting. (only started counting after we setup webhooks)

Meraki support told me that it might be some blocked ports, but after checking with the provider they confirmed that there are no blocks or restrictions of any kind.

When it's connected to the network it also seems to have a pretty good connection 66,3Mbps.


The really weird thing is that the connection loss seems to happen right around the same time.

Same for it coming back online, happens around same time of day.


Anybody has any idea or other steps to take?

Meraki support told me to call when I'm on site but problem is that this is in a retail location in some distant country that I not need to visit very often.


Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 12.34.22 PM.pngScreen Shot 2021-05-14 at 12.36.01 PM.pngScreen Shot 2021-05-14 at 12.36.27 PM.png

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I've seen this happening a lot with the MG21 we put in for a client last year. 


Can't work out what is going on or why it's happening. Unlike yourself ours is not consistent when it goes offline / loses connection. Unplugging it and back in again restores the connection.

Have you contacted Meraki Support for that one?



Yes, they first told me to check with the carrier, which I did. (no blocks)

Then next step was call them when an issue is ongoing. 

The problem is that this is in another country, and also that the Network cabinet is not easy reachable, it's put 3m off the ground. 

Power cycling the MG re-establishes the connection. But again, not easy reachable so they just powercycle all devices that are on the main switch to the patchcabinet (modem, MX, switch,...) so not the best solution.


Just not really what we expected and want from a crazy expensive 'backup system'.

Our 60 euro Huawei dongles work better than this 600 euro + license MG.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Interestingly enough, I'm seeing this behaviour too at a client's site. MG is working for a couple of days, then has to be rebooted to be reachable again. It has worked flawlessly for roundabout a year. Fortunately, it can be rebooted easily because it's connected to a MS port but this kinda sucks.


Will possibly open up a ticket too.


Btw.: Which firmware version are you running on that MG21?

Currently running it in Beta: MG 1.10, 

I was hoping it would solve it but it didn't.

Comes here often

Just deployed 3 MG21's at 3 sites and 2 have dropped off within 2 weeks...  running firmware MG1.9.

Very odd, the directly attatched MX still sees the uplink port as up but its asif the modem element powers down.

Anyone have ideas?

Comes here often

We have same issue with MG21. By all appearances, anywhere between 21-25 days goes dark. Needs rebooted to come back. Looking for way to connect to switchport, so need to drive into offices to reboot. On the MX port 1 is internet and port 2 is cellular (non POE). Nightmare reaching out to people at 6 different sites to go in and reboot. Opened case with Meraki, not helpful at all.


I have similar with two new MG21s. 2nd took a bit of time to get connected . It was connected for 24hrs before it disconnected and hasn't been connected since. Has anyone had a fix to this?

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Same problem over here, but with just one of the three locations using a MG21e. Meraki support told me it's rebooting because of a firmware update problem. The device is in a constantly looping in a firmware upfrade process. Once Meraki support killed this process and upgrade the firmware to the latest stable version (in my case 1.11) it's working fine.

Building a reputation

We've had many cases where MG go offline for no apparent reasons. Forcing a reboot via PoE it comes back on right away.

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