Local NAT through VPN


Local NAT through VPN

Hello Team,


Very new in Meraki World and some beginner difficulties ...


I have to do a IPSec VPN Point 2 Point connection with external client for getting some licenses but problem is that my LAN IP range is used also in clients LAN …


So they ask me to NAT my LAN (few IP’s) into a specific IP before it goes to VPN Tunnel.

How to NAT Lan ONLY for client destination … cause this LAN Range have to stay the same for my LAN Communications

In Cisco ASA we can manage this with route-maps but don’t know how to on meraki

I’ll appreciate any help


thanks in advance

Getting noticed

Take a look at this document and see if it helps:


Using Site-to-site VPN Translation - Cisco Meraki


I haven't run into this issue, but I remembered reading about it.




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You can only translate using autovpn. Not 3rd party vpn.


So the other side has to do it.

Or,if possible you can change that specific lan subnet


Hi & Thanks !


Sorry I didn't specified that I check on internet and didn't found it.

I saw this page, but I do not have the option " VPN on  with translation" 😞 

I have only Enable Disable ... 

MX100 Current version: MX 15.44


Is it Hardware limitation or IOS ?


(Sorry for awfull screenshot)


Thanks a lotfw.png

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Mentioned in the doc link is that you need this enabled by Meraki Support


Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 9.09.48 AM.png


Hi Thanks, I missed that, or didn't understood that way.


OK when Meraki Support activates this "option" I'll get the oportunity to NAT my LAN to un specific IP

- This IP doesen't have to existe elsewhere ?

- This option will NAT always my LAN to that IP before going to Tunnel (This will make problems when other LAN would join this network on normal ip range un-natted)


How can I do to:

- NAT only and only if destination is beyond other VPN point.

- Don't NAT for others destinations in VPN, all other Lan destination?


Something like route maps ? How to manage this ?


Little complicated ...



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