Load Balancing/ Failover Routes

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Load Balancing/ Failover Routes

Hi Guys, so we've gone full SD-WAN but we still have an old 3rd party router at each site which connects users to our dealer management system ( car industry), we did have a full MPLS with them but we have essentially taken that away by using the SD-Wan but we still need to get to the DMS. We aim to take away most of those routers apart from 2, we'd then like to route all of the other sites through these by including the routes at those 2 particular sites in the VPN and having the 3rd party setup routes to all of the subnets that need to talk.

My question is, how can we force certain sites to go via one route and other sites to use the other, also if one falls over all sites to go through the other?

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Kind of a big deal

Hey @Jamest201,


You haven't provided enough information to give you a detailed answer, but generally speaking you can use Flow Preferences found on the Security & SD-WAN > Traffic shaping page to control how traffic is forwarded through both the overlay and underlay. 




Note, these only apply to traffic going from LAN to WAN. If you're trying to do LAN to LAN for this then you only have simple routing at your disposal. 

Hi, yes it is LAN to LAN unfortunately, be nice if we could control it.

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