Licensing for MS425-16 Core switches in physical stack.

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Licensing for MS425-16 Core switches in physical stack.

Hello community,


I found this in Meraki documentation.

Do I need duplicate licenses to cover my security appliance in a warm spare configuration?

No, if two security appliances are in a warm spare/HA configuration, licensing is only required for one of the two devices. The only additional cost of a warm spare configuration is the redundant hardware.

Switches in warm spare/HA will require two individual licenses.


I would like to know what will be the Impact of physically stacking the two MS425-16 switches when one of them is not licensed in an organization using per device Licensing model? 


Will the stack configuration option be available?


If the stack configuration is available and I configure the stack, what will happen if I the grace period of  the not-licensed stack member ends. 


Will the whole stack stop working after the one switch grace period?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Your quote is about the security appliances. A warm spare MX doesn't need an extra license. But for the switches, every switch needs its own license, regardless of any stacking.


For the rest of the question: You really should not plan for being unlicensed. Always make sure to have appropriate licensing!


For the time after the grace-period: The documentation mentions a "shut down" here and then. Actually the devices keep running, but I would consider it irresponsible to knowingly run into this state.

@KarstenI Thanks, what happens if we stack them and the grace period for the unlicensed switches expires?

This happens

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