Layer 3 and Layer 7 global config

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Layer 3 and Layer 7 global config

Dear All Good Noble Man of Meraki Community,



I've been observing and comparing my MX100 default rules and group policies. 


by default I haven't set any configurations, would that be a problem? *see below screeshot*

because it looks like and functions the same on group policies





below is my sample policy, my only question is... there are option to have a schedule but none on the default... any suggested configuration for this?




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Hi @ludwigbery 

The Default policy is Always ON and applicable to to Everyone or complete network. Hence scheduling is not applicable here.


Group Policy is a custom rule that can be customized as per your requirement and can override Default Policy if needed. This can be applied on selected devices. You may apply this to all the devices too.


Scheduling option in Group Policy gives you a method of Switching OFF the applied Group Policy for certain time and reverting to Default Policy.


How ever Group Policy will have similar options as of Default Policy.

Kind of a big deal

@AjitKumar has it right on Group Policies.


One question I have - are you leveraging content filtering at all, or just using L7 to accomplish these blocks?

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