LAN Connectivity Drops on Z3

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LAN Connectivity Drops on Z3

Hello all.  We're in the middle a roll-out of the Z3s to support our remote workers.  For the most part, everything has been working well.


However, we've had a few clients (Windows 10 Pro) report that their ethernet connections drop and Windows shows a loss of connectivity.  The Meraki logs do not show anything dropping on the WAN connection nor anything happening LAN side.


Strangely this has only happened to those clients wired directly to the Z3s.  Windows event logs show DNS errors and Windows Diagnostics kicking off.


Has anyone else run into something like this?  Aside from working with support, any ideas of troubleshooting this?



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@msvt22 I think I have a similar issue to you, but with an MX64 (used as a teleworker VPN).  About once or twice a day the LAN (from the docking station) drops and the laptop's wireless kicks in, within a few seconds the LAN reconnects and is fine for several more hours.  Or does that not sound quite the same.  I am running 15.x firmware on the MX and it was 15.38/39 whilst I have seen this behaviour.

@cmr That's sounds about right.  Ours is happening every 3-4 days, but the result sounds the same.  FWIW we are on 14.53.


Have you seen anything interesting in the Windows event logs?

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