Internet bandwidth above contracted speed

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Internet bandwidth above contracted speed

I have an MX67 in the US connected to a 50Mbps Crown Castle circuit.

I am seeing traffic spikes in excess of 300Mbps:




The WAN1 Uplink is set to 50Mbps on the MX Uplink Configuration.


This generates a number of queries:

1. How can this be?

2. How is traffic above the 50Mbps handled?

3. Should I shape the traffic to 50Mbps in the Traffic Shaping rules on the MX?

4. Is there a means of identifying the src of the spikes?


Am experiencing drops on MS Teams calls and I am wondering if this is the culprit, more to the point how do I stop it?

They are quick bursts and hence not picked up by any of the latency or utilization alerts I have setup in Meraki Insight.


I am hoping someone has seen this before, or has experience of Crown Castle or any other ISP that exhibits this behaviour.




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