Internet/WLAN over single link between Main Site(DC) and remote locations

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Internet/WLAN over single link between Main Site(DC) and remote locations

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I have been tasked at trying to help design/configure a deployment of MX67C's at remote sites to connect them back to the Data Center (Main Site) which will be a MX250 HA pair.


Each remote site will follow the IP scheme: 10.SITEID.0.0/16, and have VLANs assigned to the third octet (ex. 10.SITEID.VLAN.0.24). There will be a static route configured at each of the remote sites to point back to the Main Data Center site, and likewise the main Data Center will have a static route pointing to each of the remote locations. This will allow for LAN communication between the Data Center site and the remote locations. 


My question comes in as to what is the best way to configure/transport the internet traffic to/from the Data Center site and the remote locations? The ISP is going to be giving me /30, and I will be given a single RJ45 handoff at each remote location. Since both the Internet(MPLS) traffic and WLAN traffic will be going over the same link, how would I configure the MX to come online/connect to the dashboard, and pass the internet bound traffic back to the DC? Would I do more static routes?


Thank you for your help!

Kind of a big deal

@RB___  my friend, welcome to Meraki and AutoVPN!


This is all very easily achieved given the toolset Meraki provides with AutoVPN. I'd suggest giving these a read through and then bring back any more questions you have. 


You don't have to set up the routes you mentioned. Split tunneling is handled via a check box. This stuff is super simple to set up.



Thanks you @jdsilva !


Reading a little about that, I think that will work for my needs. I will look into it more and get back with any other questions I may have.


Appreciate the response!

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