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Inpro Comm Devices

I have an issue with a few devices on my network that all share the same attribute. Everytime they log in, their mac address changes. The devices all have the same identifier InPro Comm Android. Each device randomises the last 6 digits of its MAC address on each log in making it impossible to set any policies for the devices. 


It is apparently a know problem as I have discovered other people having the same issue online. 


The mac address range for Inpro Comm is  00:08:22:00:00:00 ====> 00:08:22:FF:FF:FF . 


Is there a work around where I can block devices within that range? 



Kind of a big deal

Assuming you are talking about WiFi devices, you could use something like WPA2-Enterprise mode, where each device has to authenticate using a username and password.  If you use RADIUS then you can push the group policy to use based on the username.


If you have a decent RADIUS server, like FreeRADIUS, you could also deny all connections from the MAC address range.

Kind of a big deal

You could also consider applying group policy by device type.  I'm guessing this might show up as "Other".

Thanks for your reply Philip. Unfortunately I don't have that functionality on my meraki and I only have an simple access point for users so no radius either. It is a safari lodge and the rogue devices are cellphones owned by staff members that are not allowed to access the internet due to it having limited bandwidth (Vsat Feed). 


Guessing that I will have to be more rigorous in enforcing the rules....

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