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ISP Failover takes 5 minutes

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ISP Failover takes 5 minutes

We are attempting to reduce the ISP fail over time which is current 5 minutes between ISPs. Does anyone have a method to have the Firewall failover quickly between ISPs when one goes down? 

Kind of a big deal

Re: ISP Failover takes 5 minutes

I don't think there's an option available in the dashboard by default to change these timers. There may be some hidden options that Meraki support can enable for you.


The 5 minutes is on soft failure. So if you have an option to bring the link down in case of ISP problems it would go faster.

Kind of a big deal

Re: ISP Failover takes 5 minutes

I support @BrechtSchamp's answer, but let me probe a little bit further in case the configuration is not as it seems.


Is this a single MX with two ISPs plugged into it?

Is the fail over time you referring to for inbound NAT to servers, outbound web browsing, non-Meraki and/or AutoVPN failover?


Re: ISP Failover takes 5 minutes

Failover works within 3ms. I am not sure how for you its taking that long

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