IKEv2 support for Client VPN in MX-series (not site-to-site)

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IKEv2 support for Client VPN in MX-series (not site-to-site)

Since Android deprecated the L2TP protocol in version 12, and no new VPN profiles can be created with L2TP, is there a plan to add support to Meraki MX-series devices for the IKEv2 protocol?  Currently the only way to support an L2TP VPN on Android 12 is to create the profile in an earlier version of Android OS, and then upgrade to Android 12.  Android 13 has broken L2TP completely, even when a profile was carried forward from older versions of Android (see here: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/249682648?pli=1 ).


Please note that I am not asking about Site-to-Site VPN, which apparently can support the IKEv2 protocol according to this Meraki Community post: https://community.meraki.com/t5/Security-SD-WAN/IKEv2-support-on-MX-devices/m-p/37709



Kind of a big deal

I think  you should open a support case.

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You're correct, Android 12 and 13 deprecated L2TP VPN. Meraki acknowledges this at the top of the client VPN configuration document.



The best replacement is to use Anyconnect VPN. It's not exactly a drop in solution as it requires extra licensing but it's a far better product and experience.

Kind of a big deal

As @Brash says, you'll need to buy Cisco AnyConnect licences and use that.  It is much better.

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