How to check the MX time ?

Getting noticed

How to check the MX time ?

How can i check the MX time if its correct 

I can change the local time from the General local time zone, but how to verify that time is correct ?

I tried with no luck

I viewed  the log but that's not accurate 




Kind of a big deal

There is no place to see it.

Kind of a big deal

Hardware time is set based on your time zone settings in your dashboard. You cannot set time settings directly on any Meraki hardware.
Kind of a big deal

I don't know the answer.


My expectation is the hardware would only use GMT.  It would never use local time.  No point.

Linux also does this.  You can bet the Meraki kit is using a Linux kernel at its core.


The dashboard on the other hand, will take the GMT time and display it to you in whatever timezone you have configured (just like Linux does).


I guess from the MX Uplink or Summary tab? you can see the actual time when you view Historical device data to last 2 hours.

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