High Utilization on MX68

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High Utilization on MX68

We have approximately 750 MX68s in the field and they all are running 17.10.2.  When we went to that version, the utilization rate jumped to about 75% consistently.  We were told to go to 17.10.4 and tested on a couple but the utilization does not change until we go up to the 18.106.  We don't want to upgrade to a stable candidate.  Does anyone have any ideas on why the Utilization rates are high and how to fix it?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You don't say what version you came from.


V17.x uses the new Snort V3.x IPS engine and the Cisco TALOS content filtering engine.  The Snort engine in particular supports more things and uses more CPU power.

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