Blocking Port 445 outgoing causes VPN to not work

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Blocking Port 445 outgoing causes VPN to not work

Hi All,


I feel like this is a fairly straightforward thing but I can't seem to pin it down.  


After the last Outlook Security issue I went ahead and double checked some firewall configurations.  I found 445 not blocked at some sites.  When a deny rule is setup VPN users cannot access shares.


Here's a screenshot of the basic config I did for Outgoing.






VPN is configured as a basic L2TP connection to the Meraki itself.  Users are authenticated with Active Directory.


I think its something simple like just allowing my VPN users to use port 445 (they are on a different subnet when VPN'd in) but that doesn't seem to make it right.


Anyone else have this come up?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Why don't you create a rule allowing only local networks?

I want to say when I did that I was still having problems with the VPN users.  I made sure that the local rule was above the deny all rule.


I'll double check this evening.

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