Group policy with Layer7 FW rules not working

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Group policy with Layer7 FW rules not working

Hi all,


Want to ask for help. So I configured a group policy with certain Layer7 FW rules (denying social media sites, videos and music, p2p, etc). I applied the group policy to my unit (both wireless and wired) to test.


However, I can still access sites such as Youtube, Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, etc., which are all under the categories I am trying to deny.


Did I miss something?

Just browsing

mine was i cannot acces websites even though i am whitelisted, its like im still in the group policy i created

Only way to deny those sites above is if I include the categories on Content Filtering (blocking social networking, streaming medias, etc). But if exclude those, I can access Facebook, Youtube etc.

but if you are in the whitelisted u can access everything right sir?

As far as I know, yes. When a user is whitelisted, it basically override any rules (Firewall, content filtering, traffic shaping, etc).

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