Group Policies & Schedule question. What happen outside of schedules?

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Group Policies & Schedule question. What happen outside of schedules?

If Group Policies with scheduling enabled to users or clients, what happen outside of those schedules?


Eg if I restrict acccess to YouTube during office hours in a Group Policy, what happen after office hours? Fall back to the network-wide shaping etc?



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Outside of the time specified, everything results back to default (or non-group policy mode if you will).

So if for example, you block access to Facebook as a default setting.

However you want to allow it for 1 hour (lunch break), so you create that group policy that basically mirrors your default, with the exception of allowing Facebook. You allow it only during a 1 hour lunch period, so then the device will be able access Facebook during that time period. When the schedule ends, the group policy is no longer applied and they will no longer be able to access Facebook because your 'default' settings have it blocked.
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My understanding is when scheduled, a group policy shall be active during the times specified. Therefore list of rules, restrictions, and other settings in the policy shall be applied.


Outside the schedule normal policy (default/global rules, restrictions, and other settings) shall be applicable.

As per your example YouTube should be accessible after office hours if not blocked else where.


I hope you have already referred the following Url.


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