Google Sites Being Flagged as Malware Site

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Google Sites Being Flagged as Malware Site

I have this on and off (maybe 3 times in the last 6 months). Some Google sites such as,, etc. are being flagged as malware sites. I whitelisted google sites by doing * but doesn't work. I have to write it out,, etc.. I remove Google sites from the whitelist when this issue seems to have been resolved and then it comes back here and there.  So I had to remove malware site as category to block so that we can use Google Apps. However, I plan to restrict malware sites once I figure this out. 


I upgraded the firmware yesterday. 


Anyway, any insight is appreciated. 

Getting noticed

I agree it's been happening for months... we finally just whitelisted google.

Did you just do * Somehow this doesn't work for us so I had to do one for each service (,, etc.).

Getting noticed

the * isn't even needed...


just add

Kind of a big deal

We have had problems when content filtering is set to use the "full" list.  We changed to using the "fast" method and it worked much better.


We have since changed to using Beta firmware and both options work properly again.

When I spoke with an engineer about this issue, it was due to a google node having some issues. It doesn't have to be whitelisted at all our branches, but we did anyway I believe.

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@RCS137we have had instances of actually being blocked by the appliance as well.  Last time we reached out to support we were told verification runs through an organization called BrightCloud.  The site seems to work well however we come across random occurrences of safe sites being blocked all the time. is also in our whitelist.... we've seen that problem too.  Crazy

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This issue is fixed in the latest version MX firmware.  It was being caused by how a sites reputation score was being calculated.

But this is the latest Meraki beta firmware, correct? If so, I'll probably just wait until it comes in the latest stable release. I don't know about you, but I'm not a fan of running my network on beta firmware.

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