Google Cloud Storage

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Google Cloud Storage

We wish to

direct Google Cloud storage across an ISP ( setting Bandwidth metering)
Share Google Cloud Storage across both our ISP ( setting Bandwidth metering)
Schedule Bandwidth metering across s time of day and day of week
Is Google cloud a predefined SD WAN APP.

Our storage has Google Cloud Storage predefined. In summary 1 internal IP transfers up to 1 GIG. to GCS.

Kind of a big deal

I don't understand your request.


You want to both "direct Google Cloud storage across an ISP" and "Share Google Cloud Storage across both our ISP", which seems mutually exclusive.


You can create a group policy with a schedule and apply it to a VLAN or to specific machines, and specify the speed limit in that. 



I wish to send all traffic for 2-3 clients. since it is a cluster. over my WAN 2.

I wish  to not exceed 800 mbps

If WAN 2 fails the traffic I believe then goes over WAN1


I do not see any documentation regarding google cloud storage as a SAS.


Our Storage has a solution to connect to GCS that is how we are transferring traffic today.  


I want to mange this traffic since it is increasing. ( we are moving from MX84 pair to MX250 pair)

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