GRE VPN Router Behind MX65w NAT!

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GRE VPN Router Behind MX65w NAT!

I have setup GRE Tunnel between Cisco 2900 series router. Tunnel is working fine without putting one of the router behind the NAT device. Kindly guide me what sort of settings needs to be done in MX65W NAT.Topology Diagram.jpg

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

To make that work you would need to forward IP protocol 47 - and Meraki does not have a way to configure this.


Your next best option would be to use GRE over IPSec (or more specifically, VTI tunnels) as that uses IPSec.



However, the better solution would probably be to put an MX at the remote 2900 location and use Meraki's AutoVPN.

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