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Firewall - Outbound rules

Getting noticed

Firewall - Outbound rules


Can you tell me:

If you create rules with Source and Destination it's in two sides or only from src to dst ?

Or need to create second rules which source send packages to network

Thank you


Re: Firewall - Outbound rules


Rules seems to only work one way on my firewall. blocking everything from outside as a standard.
Kind of a big deal ww
Kind of a big deal

Re: Firewall - Outbound rules

yes only 1 way. but almost no traffic/session works without two-way communication. to be sure you can make rules for both sites/subnets.

Getting noticed

Re: Firewall - Outbound rules

So if i want that Network see device and device see Network i need to create two rules?


First Rule: Source Destanation

Second Rule: Source Destanation


And doesn't matter if its traffic between VLANs?

Am I right? It's like standard firewall in Iptables and etc


Re: Firewall - Outbound rules

Rules: yes! 😄

And no, different VLAN will not matter as the firewall rule states that the VLAN can talk to each other.

I don't think you'll be able to "see" the devices automatically, as that usually are done with a ARP request (if you use a lan-scanner or something like that. But you will be able to directly ping the device on the other subnet.
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