Firewall (MX100) doesn´t block Bitdefender DoH

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Firewall (MX100) doesn´t block Bitdefender DoH



We are using a Meraki MX100 Firewall and wanted to block the DoH service of Bitdefender (GravityZone) through it.

We also have a DNS Whitelistfilter in use. This is why we want to block any other DNS Service.


We have tried using the blocklist (Content Filtering) and firewall rules, but neither the URLs and, nor the IP address obtained through NSLOOKUP can be blocked.


The DoH function of Bitdefender cannot be deactivated.


We would be grateful for any assistance.

Kind of a big deal

If you want to block other DNS services, why not only allow port 53 for the DNS you want to use and block it for the others?


Something like this:




Thanks for the reply. Already tried that with no effect on the bitdefender dns. I found a solution by making an entry on the DNS server to redirect bitdefender to an non existing IP.

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