Feature enhancement : Better SNMP support


Feature enhancement : Better SNMP support

My employer has been rolling out more Meraki kit (Z3Cs & MG21Es) as they provide a cheap way of connecting staff. One downside of using 4G is that the links often fail (Hello from Australia!) and it would be nice to monitor these sites via the existing NMS platforms currently used - Cisco Prime Infrastructure.

One thing that I have known for a while now is that Meraki kit does not respond properly to SNMP requests for the sysUpTime variable. I cannot understand why that was omitted as it seems to be such an easy thing to provide - just pass what ever uptime the kernel has or failing that, what ever uptime tick counter the SNMP agent uses. It doesn't need to be super reliable, just there.

For the record, the lack of this variable breaks the operation of the otherwise very handy 'Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor' by Solarwinds, which I tend to use as an adhoc troubleshooting tool quite often.


Can someone from Meraki comment on whether Meraki will consider implementing that variable in the Meraki SNMP agent's MIB? The lack of support for this makes meraki kit seem less-than-enterprise grade.


While I'm posting almost a year later, this issue has been present since at least 2014. I submitted a ticket back in 2014 and was told it is not implemented and to submit a feature request. If we're being honest, it's really more of a bug or oversight.


The MR and MS devices comply with SNMP standards, but I have no idea why the Meraki Firewall lines do not and are missing the required sysUpTime OID.


It's made managing firewalls much more difficult as several NMSs (eg: SolarWinds) take advantage of the fact sysUpTime is part of the spec for SNMPv2-MIB.

Here to help

Just want to add my vote for this too.


I've submitted this a number of times and raised it in a community post.


We also use an NMS and still to this day can't get proper traffic stats from our MX's


Given the lack of response I can only imagine they've done it intentionally to force you to use their web dashboard.

Doesn't make sense to me. 🤷🏼‍♂️


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