Feature Request: Security Appliance Internet Port Traffic Statistics

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Feature Request: Security Appliance Internet Port Traffic Statistics

Currently, I am attempting to confirm that the data usage shown by our ISP is correct.


It would be convenient to be able to View upload/download traffic statistics for each Internet port on Security Appliances for 2 hours/1 day/1 week/1 month.


Downloadable daily historical values for the past year would also be useful for viewing daily/weekly usage patterns to help determine when additional bandwidth is needed.


Thank you!


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Thanks @Carl_O and welcome to the Meraki Community.  Appreciate your thoughts on breaking down those stats on a per WAN interface basis.  If you've got VPN links, you can always get some of that info in the Uplink Decisions section of the VPN Status page.  For what you're specifically asking for, be sure to Make a Wish on the Appliance Status page after clicking on the Uplink tab, because where you make the wish from is important so it gets categorized properly when the PM team goes to review them.


Note that these community forums are not the best or official way to raise an FR, so definitely send your ideas through your Meraki sales team, or through your Cisco/Meraki Partner to bounce to the corresponding Meraki sales team.  They can confirm if such an FR is already in our system, and if it is, add you to it, and if it's not, perhaps create the FR and update the team with your input.


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