Failover event detected

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Failover event detected

We have 2 MX-250 firewalls that are in HA, today we got alerts saying that  "Failover event detected" When we checked in the Appliance status> historical data> uplink pages we didn't see any drops or red alerts on historical data but I can see the VRRP events in the Event log page.


Could someone help me understand why we can't have any drops or red alerts on the Appliance status page?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

A VRRP event does not mean that there was any drop at the time. 
Did you check if there was any link failure and if the MX was unavailable at any point?
What are the VRRP transition values presented in the logs?
Here you can find some informations.

Hi Alemabrahao


Once we received the alert notification we checked if there was any uplink failure or not, I don't see any uplink failure in the appliance status. Please find the Attached the VRRP event log below.





 An event happened or you have  another problem.
Ideally, you would provide more details, how is the connection between the MXes? Do you have any switches along the way?
Have you checked all connections?

I noticed that there were events on ports 25 and 26, port carrier usually means a layer 1 problem, so it would be interesting to check if the cables are ok.




Getting noticed

out of interest what firmware version are you running?

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