Failed to run throughput test

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Failed to run throughput test


I receive the below error when trying to run a throughput test on my MX84. 

Failed to run throughput test

The dashboard shows my firmware is up to date

Current version: MX 14.40
Appreciate any suggestions for how to resolve this. 


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Kind of a big deal

The throughput test on the MX really isn't something you should take as a precise measure of throughput, or use in a troubleshooting situation.

Instead use something like or so, rom a client connected to the MX.

LinkedIn :::

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I understand that but as my access is limited to VPN it would at least be more accurate than doing a speed test over the vpn. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If the device has a connection to Meraki's cloud that should work.  If you can give the device a reboot and try again I would do that.


Otherwise you are going to need to open a support case.

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