DHCP Relay via Non-Meraki VPN Peer

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DHCP Relay via Non-Meraki VPN Peer



it looks like the DHCP Relay function to a server which is reachable through a Non-Meraki VPN tunnel can‘t be configured... maybe somebody know why this limitation exist? from technical perspective I don‘t know a reason why this isn‘t supported?!

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I don't know either.  You'll need to use the local DHCP server on the MX.

hi @PhilipDAth,


thanks for your reply on this post!

ok... but the local DHCP-Server on the MX is NO option in the project I‘m currently working on! Unfortunatly another reason more (in the meantime they‘re many...) why I’ve to think twice if the MX is really a security component to compete with other vendors on the market! 🤨



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