DHCP Range Increase


DHCP Range Increase



We operate an MX84 at the primary site and an MX64W at a secondary site connected via Meraki Site to Site VPN, which was set up prior to my taking over here.


We need to increase the DHCP range of address.


The current set up is as follows.


The MX64W has 2 Vlans with Vlan 1 being VLan 2 is


The MX84 has 7 Vlans, although not all are used currently.


Vlan 10 is our primary internal data Vlan with

Vlan 100 is our MR18 Vlan with

Vlan 20 is VOIP with


So I need to increase the available address for Vlan 10, but x.x.171.x is in use.


Does that matter if they are all Vlan'd or do the IP ranges have to be kept seperate and clear of each other?


If so how do I increase the range without breaking Meraki?


I'd rather not have to re-address the entire range and move away from x.x.170.x


It would be easier for us to change the MX64W Vlan 1 to another range freeing up the x.x.168.x


Regards, David

Kind of a big deal

Well, it will depend on how your network is doing? Do you currently have a fixed IP on your network machines or do you have a reservation of IP addresses? Below the MX do you have switches with these VLANs created? If yes, does the switch have SVIs on these networks or is it just an L2 extension?

Kind of a big deal

The ranges have to be kept seperate and clear from each other as you've already recognized.


Guess your best option here is to free up that network and use that range. as /23. You'll end up with though. Don't know if this is feasible for you.


Otherwise, I don't see anything else than re-adressing everything in the 192.169.17x.0 range.

Thanks for your reply.


Kept ranges seperate, ok thanks.


Ideally I need a range that includes x.x.170.x so expand it either side.


If I change the MX64W out of the way to like x.x.100.x, and then change the Vlan 100 range (where is APs sit) to free up the x.x.171.x range leaving me with a gap of x.x.168.x to x.x.171.x   /22  on a subnet?


The APs are on static IPs (manually set on each AP rather than reserved in the MX) in the Vlan 100 range on x.x.171.x.  Is it as simple as updating the Vlan 100 DHCP range and either changing the static IP to the new range or should I just set then to DHCP on Vlan 100 and I assume the MX will assign an address to them?

Just realised that Im crossing into Class B subnet ranges I think.

Yep, there is no easy way, you have to change your addressing.

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