Content Filtering Block Page

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Content Filtering Block Page

I am no longer getting the blocked page when a user tries to access a page that isn't allowed.  I just get a page timed out error.  These aren't https pages.  Just http.


This used to work fine.  Just started this about a week ago.


Anyone else seeing the same thing?

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Haven't came across the issue - Have you tried usual troubleshooting steps like clearing the browsers cache/cookies etc. What firmware version are you running?

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Kind of a big deal

There is an issue with the current software.  You can either move to the beta software images, or set the content filtering list to "fast".


When the list is set to "full" it often doesn't block connections until the users has been accessing the URL for a while.

I have opened a case with Meraki, last Thursday 9/21......and I haven't gotten a response other than the default introductory response about what version of firware and if it happens on any browser.


I am not sure I am buying the firmware thing.  I am running version 12.24, which has a release date of 12/22/2016.  This issue just started happening last week.  I used to get blocked pages all the time.  It's been 9 months since I have done a firmware upgrade??

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I have scheduled to upgrade to firmware 13.24 tonight.  I will see if that helps any.

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The upgrade to version 13.24 fixed this issue.

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