Cloud Communication behind a proxy

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Cloud Communication behind a proxy


I'm trying to install some meraki MX67 in my company lab.

Unfortunately, for security reason, I must use a proxy to reach internet.


So I've set the proxy address in local page status of each MX,

but the 'normal' cloud communication failed (UDP 7351), then my MX switch to backup cloud communication (through http). In this mode, my meraki appears in dashboard with "Bad internet connection. Connection to the Cisco Meraki Cloud is using the backup Cloud connection." and it looks that configuration is not pushed to the meraki MX (I can't get my vpn status in vpn status page: Connectivity: Disconnected. This security appliance is currently unreachable from the Meraki cloud)


is there a way to manage the maraki MX in backup cloud communication mode ?

Otherwise, is there a way to push all the traffic into the proxy (not only http, but dns, ping, ntp, cloud communication...) ?



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Kind of a big deal

Tbh, you should demand more freedom in your lab. That's what a lab is for.


That said. Afaik the MX should still download it's configuration via the backup connection. Some things can't pass through the proxy connection as documented here:


"The HTTP proxy allows all default management traffic from the Meraki device to be sent through a proxy. This does not include optional cloud communication, including AutoVPN and 802.1X authentication traffic."

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