Clients cannot connect to other devices when wired on Z3 devices

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Clients cannot connect to other devices when wired on Z3 devices

I wanted to put this out there to the community in case anyone else experiences this. The last two Z3 devices that we have put into production have both experienced what I was told is a known bug with the device/firmware combination.

The issue: wired clients cannot ping or in any other way communicate with ANY other devices connected to the Z3 appliance (wired or wireless). Wireless clients can ping and connect to ALL (wired or wireless) clients. So far we have only seen this in new Z3 devices running as "Combined" networks with the *current* firmware (v 13.33).

The solution: upgrade affected networks to the *beta* firmware (currently 14.31). Apparently this is internally considered the *production* firmware version for Z3 appliances even though it is listed as beta and you have to manually upgrade to this version.

Caused us a ton of issues with two new installs, so thought I would put this out there in case anyone else runs into this very strange issue. Meraki initially tried to blame the printer NIC for the issue, but eventually admitted that it was a known bug. Still able to resolve with one call to support.

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