Clients Blocked

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Clients Blocked

Hello all,


I recently blocked afew suspicious users on our network. I later unblocked some of them later. However those machines cannot access the internet/LAN even after the reversal. The status is showing normal/whitelisted but no access to the network resources. Please help

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The solution was actually deleting the clients and then after they reconnected to the network, all was OK

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Kind of a big deal

Did you try re-entering the MAC address and assigning a policy through the "Add client" button just to see if that works?

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We use the Meraki (MX60W) as a firewall and just an ordinary switch to connect the clients. Therefore is no option adding clients, once they connect to the Ethernet or wifi they are on the network.

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Hi @Mule 

Could you please verify the "MAC Address" of the "Whitelisted" machine?

Is it correctly Identified on the Dashboard?



I checked, the dashboard mac and the one one the computer are matching. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Are you sure you unblocked the right devices?


Try creating a dummy group policy and applying it to the device and see what impact that has.  For exmaple, we have a dummy policy we use for testing called "Block Gambling" that uses content filtering to block gambling.

If the dummy policy applies they go back and whitelist it.  If it doesn't apply - are you sure you are doing it to the right device?


Are you using a recent firmware version?

Yes, even though I am not seeing the meraki access denied splash screen but I am getting err too many redirects

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The solution was actually deleting the clients and then after they reconnected to the network, all was OK

Hi Mr. Mule,


Can you teach me how to delete the clients? I have similar case. 



Just delete the users, it was not working when we changed status from blocked to normal or whitelisting. So we just deleted those users and then they reconnected on the network as if they are new users. Good luck

Hi Mr.Mule,

I got issue "Blocked list is restricted to 3000 devices."
But I cannot find the delete option in my dashboard.
can you teach me how to delete clients, pls



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