Client VPN with Google Workspace/ Gsuite

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Client VPN with Google Workspace/ Gsuite



I was wondering if it's possible to use Google Authentication to authenticate users for the client VPN.

We're using Google Auth as wifi authentication which works ... allright. Not great experience on phones because with 2FA enabled on our google accounts it makes the phone go to gmail to allow the login attempt and then you lose the splash page for the wifi so then you have to go to the gateway ip in safari. not great but works fine for laptops etc.


Anyway I was hoping this would work for client VPNs as currently only Meraki auth, radius or AD are available. I want to avoid 3rd parties for radius services etc. I just want the same wifi auth in the client VPN setup. 


Any ideas? Or am I asking too much from a €5k firewall? 😉

Kind of a big deal

From my point of view, this wouldn't work with some kind of 3rd party setup. Guess I'd tackle this by using either an internal RADIUS server pointing its authentication twaords Google or something external like JumpCloud.

Kind of a big deal

You would need a RADIUS server (or service) that supports Google push notifications.  Possibly you could use something that let the user enter their password and a code.

I'm not aware of any that do either of these.


Cisco Duo is popular for this solution, but you need a backend Active Directory or RADIUS.

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