Can't connect to XenApp

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Can't connect to XenApp

Good day!


A newbie here, just signed hoping someone might help in solving a weird situation.


Remote users can connect to when at home through Client VPN, but when in the office, going to the same link redirects to and would not continue to load. We have a single WAN, so I believe remote and local users have the same public IP when connecting to the server. The way I see it, the only difference is the subnet and DNS (Client VPN subnet uses Google DNS while onsite uses ISP provided DNS). I already tried using Google DNS for the local subnet, but that didn't solve it. I recently updated our MX to MX 15.42.1 and rebooted once.


Is there something else I should be looking at?


Thanks in advance.



Kind of a big deal

Where is your XenApp server located? Somewhere on the Internet or some DMZ internally?


It'd be really helpful to understand your setup a little bit better. Would you be able to show us a picture?

The server is in HK while users are from different countries via browser.


We can connect without problems weeks ago, it's just recently that users are reporting that they cannot connect when in the office. I also talked to the administrator of the server, but he told me he did not make any changes in the server and other users can connect just fine. The only change I made weeks ago is disable our first WAN (which has been terminated) and upgrading of the MX firmware.


When Client VPN users type, the welcome page will show:




But when at the office, it's stuck at and the page is blank.


I also thought it may have been Windows update or antivirus, but since the user can connect via Client VPN at home using the same device, I doubted it.



New here

Hi! I've used the Receiver Cleanup utility, rebooted, then installed the Receiver again. Now I can log-in and see the application opened with citrix receiver. Works fine.


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