Clarification on Users


Clarification on Users

Can someone advise if a device is set for up to X number of users, how many devices per user is that calculating?  Also how does that account for non user devices like conference room equipment. 

Head in the Cloud

Are you looking at the Sizing guide for MX's ?

I think of that number more as a guidance , not a hard cap on number of devices.

(I think there was an old Cisco PIX that once had a licence for number of users ... but never mind that 🙂 )

I have had a small netparty with around 100+ clients running behind a MX64 without any issues.

What I usually look at , more then recommended users, are the bandwidth numbers (and sometimes VPN scaling numbers).

From my experience, the "Max throughput with all security features enabled" number seems pretty solid, and a good marker of where the box actually performs in real world scenarios.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Exactly what @thomasthomsen said: if you've got 150 users sitting behind a MX64 doing nothing, everything is perfectly fine. If each and everybody is downloading dozens of Linux ISO images (e.g.) at the same time, things will start to get interesting...

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