Changing from dual WAN to single WAN on a Meraki 64W

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Changing from dual WAN to single WAN on a Meraki 64W

We used to run WAN 1 and WAN 2 with load balancing, etc., but now are just using WAN 2. We'd like to move the WAN 2 circuit to Internet port and make WAN 1. Do we just move the RJ45 over, or are there changes we need to make in the dashboard, such as putting the present configuration information for WAN 2 into WAN 1?


Firmware is up to date MX 14.40. 


As you can see, we're beginners. 🙂

Kind of a big deal

You need to make sure WAN1 has the same configuration as WAN2.  Then you can just move the cable.


I'd just try moving it.  Two things might happen.

1. It will work.

2. It won't.


If it doesn't work, move the cable back.  You've got more work to do.

Kind of a big deal

Hi @SocialEyesNP ,


If both WAN ports are set for DHCP then simply take the cable out of WAN2 and connect into WAN1.  If set statically, re-IP port 1 with the details set in WAN port 2. You’ll have to change the IP of WAN port 2 as well otherwise the device will complain that both ports have the same IP.


Probably best that you make these changes on site.

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